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ann's attendants
  • Kris Carlston, Matron Of Honor
    When I was born Kris was nearly 7, so you can imagine how much I have always looked up to my “big sister”. She taught me to read before Kindergarten, had me finishing algebra equations in probably 2nd grade (basic, mind you!) and cultivated my academic confidence early on, which led me to so much positive experience and success throughout my childhood. Kris also coaxed me into singing at an early age with our dish washing duets – leading me to one of the first loves of my life. (Imagine me standing on a chair and her next to me, singing "Father I Adore You" in harmony). She also heavily contributed to any gregariousness I may possess by shoving me in front of the random stranger who might have had the time or directions for us. Kris is a tremendous part of the woman that I am today and I can only hope that in my lifetime I can give her even half of what she has given me. She has always been an amazing source of support and of perspective when I have struggled. I know no matter what the issue, my sister somehow always finds the words I need to hear. She is intelligent, creative, determined, and hilarious! She means the world to me and I could not imagine getting married without her by my side.
  • Jenny Weston, Bridesmaid
    Jenny & I have been best friends since Kindergarten…or nearly so! We spent our elementary days swapping snacks in class, singing into bedposts, and winning gold records at the Sock Hop. In the 6th Grade, I sewed the crotch of this woman’s unitard behind the risers of the Select Chorus 5 minutes before she was to perform her solo in front of the school! I am so fortunate to have kept a friend like Jenny through so many phases of my life – she’s seen it all, and for me, that makes her feel like home. She is undeniably a super-star from the tips of her toes to the top of her head, who lured me out to California to find sunshine, challenge, experience, health, growth, and ultimately my husband-to-be. It has been my pleasure to watch her beautiful soul evolve throughout her life and guide her to the graceful place where it resides within her today. Jenny is very strong, very determined, and very silly. I cannot describe what she means to me…. she is my soul mate, and I am so fortunate that is standing for me as my bridesmaid.
  • Crystal Ives, Bridesmaid
    It is rare in life, I believe, to find the kind of friendship you find when you are a kid….as an adult. I am privileged to have experienced this kind of friendship with Crystal. Crystal and I found each other as we were both healing from broken hearts, and proceeded to have more fun together then I knew was possible! She has been an incredible friend to me for six years, and she has changed me….for the better. Crystal has helped me learn to let loose and not be so serious, and to take care of myself. She has also helped me to become more honest and less passive aggressive, for which I and everyone else in my life can thank her! She is my unequivocally enthusiastic corporate motivator and collaborator, who will undoubtedly go places in life. She is filled with love and factoids and spunk, My Inspirer and Little Number 7. I am so honored to have her stand as my bridesmaid, and I cannot WAIT for her glorious hug on my wedding day!
  • Cynthia Vander Poel, Bridesmaid
    Cynthia and I have known each other since my step aerobics class our sophomore year at the College of St. Benedict. We shared an apartment in Loring Park after college for a year and walked away having had lots of adventures and amazing memories before we both left MN for our “big cities”…she to Chicago and me to LA. Our lives outside of Minnesota and our mutual interest in psychology have always given us a common perspective, which has been the foundation for an incredible friendship of growth, insight, and support. Cynthia is a born psychologist with an amazing talent for listening and offering incredibly perceptive feedback, which has influenced me in so many positive ways through the years. She one of my fearless friends who is always trying something new, and inspiring me to also take risks in her wake. Cindy is a one-of-a-kind who I am so fortunate to call my friend, and overjoyed to have as my bridesmaid.
  • Heather Thompson, Bridesmaid
    At a lonely time in my life - my junior year of College, God was kind enough to send a little angel into my world named Heather. She is one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met, and her outgoing and inclusive nature pulled me into a group of girlfriends who came to be known as “The Wednesday Night Girls” for our long-standing, highly entertaining and eagerly anticipated weekly gatherings after college. I hoped and prayed to find girlfriends who I could embrace and who would truly embrace me back, and I did because of Heather, and they are still among my dearest friends in life. Heather is that beautiful, intelligent, charming girlfriend with a sparkle in her eye that you always like to be near. She is humble and tremendously giving, with a wit that will seize you into belly laughter at the drop of a hat. Her strength and optimism are a gift and an inspiration to me and to everyone who knows her. She also has a little known talent for Liturgical dance (ask her about it). I am blown away by all that Heather has achieved in her life and at the same time, not at all surprised. She is an answered prayer, and I am so very blessed to have her as my friend and bridesmaid.
  • Anna Carlston, Bridesmaid
    Anna is my first niece and I was fortunate enough to be there to witness her grand entrance into the world! It was an amazing surprise to welcome a beautiful baby girl, as Kris was sure she was a boy during her pregnancy and we knew there wouldn’t be any more Carlston babies. Anna is a loving girl who enjoys her family and loves to laugh and snuggle (lucky for me!), and I have had the joy to watch her as she grows into a beautiful and talented young lady. Anna is an All-Star Softball player and a key setter on numerous competitive volleyball teams (one of which her Mom coaches!). I am so proud of her and thrilled to have her standing with me on this special day as my junior bridesmaid.
  • Ella Schumacher, Flower Girl
    Little Ella Bear – my beautiful little niece and my baby brother’s first born. She looks just like her beautiful mama Ashley, and is the sweetest little kitten ever! I know her loveable demeanor will bring the warm glow only a child can offer to such an event.
  • Adelynn Schumacher, Flower Girl
    Little Addie, my baby niece, looks just like baby Joe did at her age, and will charm your socks off in a nanosecond! Not sure what she will end up choosing to do in her role as flower girl, but no matter what, it is sure to be a cherished memory!
jordi's attendants
  • Joan Sanchis Sanchez, Best Man
    My younger brother Joan is probably the person with whom I have spent more time together and with whom I have shared some of the most memorable experiences and moments of my life. Our brotherhood bond is stronger than titanium, and so is our friendship, which evolves to new heights as we grow up and are able to relate with one another in ways that our age difference didn't allow us to when we were much younger. I am very proud to have him be my best man, because he is my best man. I can rely on him unconditionally, and even though he knows every single of my flaws, he will protect and defend every single of them until I die. I want to think my love for him is as big as his love for me, and I want one day be there for him as best man - if he chooses to - because I want him to know that he will also and always have my support. Joan is one of the smartest people I know and possesses many virtues - including his generous and loving heart - that are admired by many. I am very proud of who he is becoming, and seeing him grow and sharing our growth has always been one of the best treasures of my life.
  • Michael Mannino, Other
    Michael exudes "joie de vivre" in such a way that one wonders if he ever grew up. Precisely because his unaltered excitement and amazement at every single aspect of life, we are able to connect in ways I have not connected with anybody, for I take very seriously not taking life too seriously. We share many views, beliefs, interests, which since the beginning of our relationship have forged a very strong bond between us, which has strengthened through our time and experiences together. He is my mentor and I am proud to say that in moments where he needed I have also been able to show him his north. I couldn't think of a more special person to marry Ann and I.
  • Lluc Castellsague, Groomsman
    Lluc is someone I have always looked up to and strived to follow as an example of person, man, and friend. His sense of confidence on who he is, of loyalty, of optimism, of calmness, make him one of the best people I know. He knows what his priorities are and is completely devoted to living his life according to them, with strong and commendable values. He has always admired and believed in me, and such belief has given me the courage I needed through the times when I didn't have anybody else to rely on. I owe him more than he knows and I hope and strive to "pay" him back with everything a friendship can ask for.
  • Oliver Rossberg, Groomsman
    Oliver is a very special person, a man of few words but many smiles. We have shared exciting trips, experiences, concerts, long talks, and many artistic projects. I have known him long enough to know that he is one of a kind genius, although one often wonders if his deep humility allows him to ever recognize his own greatness. I guess that we are our own worst critic... But one thing is certain, he just needs to be him to be amazing, as both person and artist. I learn humility from him and I find in him mounts of inspiration. He has been a mentor as well, as he has opened my eyes to playing with my heart and mind, introduced me to music styles and art forms I never knew, showed me the world through a different lens and from a different angle. And he has helped and believed in me in moments when I really needed a friend. I am proud of who he is and honored to have him as my groomsman.
  • Evan Schallerer, Groomsman
    Evan is the youngster of my groomsmen, but nonetheless a very special one indeed. I have known Evan longer I have known Michael and Oliver! He is, in fact, one of the very first friends I made after arriving to the States. We met when he was six and a half years old and his interest in learning guitar brought him to me. Today, he builds his own guitars! Talk about the student becoming the teacher! I haven't met any kid as smart, curious, and good-hearted as Evan, and he has grown to be an exemplary young man. Even though we have been distant from each other the last years, I know he has always looked up to me as I have always thought of him and believed in him, waiting patiently to be able to share moments like the one we will share on the 23rd. I am tremendously proud of who Evan has become and I want him to know that I think of him as a very important part of my life. He is in my heart one of the top people I have ever met and I am honored he will be standing next to me in such a special day.
  • Jim Schumacher, Groomsman
    Jim is probably one of the truest people I know, and one of the most special. Everyone that I know that knows Jim holds him with the highest regard, as though he is a blessing to our lives. And it is very easy to understand why. Even though I haven't known Jim for long, I can attest to his natural charisma and a very comfortable-to-be-around simple and easy-going personality. He is a wise man as he is devoted to not sacrifice what he has known to be his joy of life, which is very inspiring. He is humble, non-judgemental, a man of very little words but many laughs, a huge heart, and, like me, a very sensitive person. I have lived with him for two months and I have learned a lot about who I want to be, as he has showed me life is not a race. My soon-to-be brother in law, Jim is definitely a gem in my life that I am very grateful to have, and I am honored to have him in my party and excited to share more moments with him in the future.
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